About Us

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the frequency, duration and impact of your security incidents

Seedata.io is a cybersecurity deception-technology SaaS that identifies previously undetected data theft/leakage incidents. We are building a solution to fundamental cybersecurity issues of monitoring and detecting incidents outside your perimeter. We have been on your side of the table, experienced the same problems and asked ourselves why things weren’t better? Now, we’ve decided to make it better
Seedata.io’s leadership team come from complimentary backgrounds in cybersecurity and data, overlapping their shared experiences in previous start-up activities and a keen motivation to solve problems.

Enrico Faccioli (CEO)

Enrico brings sales, fundraising and strategy experience to the table as the former Chief Commercial Officer of a successful alt-data start up, and previously having led data strategy for a large investor. 
He has developed data acquisition strategies, created and sold alternative data products and decided now is the time to do something about improving security within enterprise data management practices.

Matt Holland (CTO)

Matt has a distinguished 25-year career in cybersecurity, having worked as Chief Information Security Officer in some of the best known global brands.

Alongside this, he has also assisted numerous startups to achieve success through his mentoring activities within several cybersecurity accelerators.

We’ve established a set of values we strongly believe in and embed in all activities:

Be accountable

Do what you say you are going to do, as simple as that!

Be exploratory

It’s part of our DNA; we met online when thinking about “What’s next”. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

Be honest

Honesty is a key value for us. Even if you fail, own it; we are all learning, and mistakes are lessons we need to learn from

Support opinions with data

We believe in data and are both somewhat analytical. Opinions can be valuable, but without data, they’re almost always cheap

Avoid complexity, embrace difficulty

Always strive to simplify complex processes, even in a highly technical world like cybersecurity. At the same time, do not shy away from the hard challenges. Embrace them!

Go the extra mile

Be kind, respectful and always do your best with customers/team members and investors. Word of mouth is a strong multiplier.

Some very nice people in “The Media” have written some very nice things about us

If anyone would like to write more, or would benefit from our voice in future articles. We are always happy to discuss!

Press inquiries: press@seedata.io 

UKT News coverage

First and foremost, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to UKT News for recognizing the potential and significance of deception technology in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


We’re thrilled to find seedata.io listed as one of the top 100 most innovative CyberTech companies that every financial institution needs to know about in 2023

Enterprise Security Weekly #312

The team over at SC media describe why now is the time to adopt deception tech, and describe us as “revolutionary”.

Review by Geoff Belknap

Geoff Belknap (LinkedIn CISO) reviewed the seedata.io platform. His full review is posted here, and we’re happy to say he was very positive!