CyberTech100 think we’re great! has been listed as one of the top 100 most innovative CyberTech companies that every financial institution needs to know about in 2023 is excited to announce that the CyberTech100 list for 2023 is now officially live!

Now in its fourth annual edition, the CyberTech100 list highlights the most innovative companies across the globe that are actively improving the cyber defenses of financial institutions. 

The CyberTech sector is quickly becoming an area of considerable growth as companies and individuals alike face increasing digital challenges. According to predictions, the industry is expected to grow a CAGR of 13.8% from $172.3bn to $424.9bn between 2023 and 2030.

This year’s list features a wide range of diverse businesses that were selected based on their innovative use of technology to address significant industry problems, generate cost savings, or improve efficiencies across the security value chain. The selection process involved a long list of over 1,000 firms produced by FinTech Global, which was then narrowed down by a panel of analysts and industry experts who voted on the finalists.

“With the average cost of data breaches being in the millions, it is critical firms look for solutions that can guarantee their protection,” said FinTech Global Director Richard Sachar. “This year’s CyberTech100 list arms companies with the necessary information to find the industry change-makers who are providing companies with the opportunity to be well protected against these threats.”

To view the full CyberTech100 list and detailed information about each company, please visit

We are incredibly honoured and grateful to be included in the CyberTech100 list for 2023, alongside the most innovative CyberTech companies across the globe. As a startup in the cybersecurity sector, this recognition means the world to us and reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Being listed among the best in the industry provides us with invaluable exposure and inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity innovation. We extend our heartfelt thanks to FinTech Global and the panel of analysts and industry experts for their consideration.

We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to connect with new customers and showcase our platform’s capabilities. Sign up for our free account today and see for yourself why we made the cut! 


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