are a dynamic, early stage cybersecurity company, offering exciting career opportunities 

We want to work with people who enjoy their work, and we intend to make that easy to do for our team. We are London-based, but don’t demand that you are. We work fluidly and within a flat structure, collaborating to get the job done, taking on many roles and truly living the ‘startup’ life in our drive to make our product better and to build something beautiful for our customers.

We’re confident that working with us will be fun, challenging and provide an opportunity to really put your stamp onto something. We can offer a competitive package, options and a long term home for the right candidates. We encourage direct approaches from candidates only (no agencies please, we already have the relationships we need)

We operate an “always be hiring” approach

The job specs below show the roles we are actively looking to recruit into today, and we welcome direct approaches from candidates that meet our requirements. Our interview process is described below. Please note; we are currently only looking to recruit permanent staff, based in the UK. We are not looking for any additional help from recruiters or agencies, thank you.

Deception Engineer

Come and build the tools and platform required by the security teams of the future!

Data Scientist

Ever thought that Threat analysis could be done better? Come and build the future

Software Engineer

Use your software engineering skills to build an awesome security product

We aim to go from candidate to offer in 1 week

Recognising that recruitment can be a critical and challenging process, we aim to make it as quick and straightforward as possible, with the following steps


A simple review of your cv against our skill and experience requirements.

We will endeavour to reply to everyone with feedback, positive or negative, from this stage. If our team believe you could be a good fit, you’ll be given you a technical scenario to consider, for discussion in the next interview.


A 45-minute interview with a technical expert

We will be looking for demonstration of you having thorough knowledge and experience in using the skills we require, by discussing your previous roles and asking a few hypothetical scenarios. Successful candidates will be invited to the next meeting.


A 45-minute interview with the founders 

We will be looking for alignment with our values, and assessing your fit within the wider team. We will ask you to highlight your behaviour in certain scenarios, using the “situation, task, action, result” framework, looking to see specifically what you did, and why.


A final 15-minutes of feedback and potentially an offer 

We will discuss strengths and weaknesses of your application with you, and hopefully conclude with an offer (but if not, we’ll at least feedback why not)

How to succeed in your interview

There’s lots of good guidance and advice available on how to prepare and conduct yourself well in an interview, but as an additional guide, here are those items that are most important to us

Be honest

Be yourself during the interview, and represent yourself honestly. If you’re lying to us, you’re likely also lying to yourself. At best, you’re going to waste your time and ours going through an interview process for a job you don’t want or aren’t suited to.

We want to see ‘you’!

Be prepared

We’re telling you the questions we’ll ask because we want to give you the best shot at impressing us, so practice your answers and display your skills experience with confidence and clarity.

Read the job spec, look at our values above and think how you best convey your fit. 


Be curious

Job specs are small texts, and will never convey all aspects of a role. Equally, your CV will never capture all the contributions you have made in your career to date. So, ask questions about everything, explore opportunities to indulge passion projects.

Interviews are definitely a two-way process.