Use deception to force attackers into revealing themselves

Most companies find out they’ve been breached way too late.

Using deception technology, our platform enables customers to deploy decoys quickly, automatically rotate them, and detect potential attackers early, reducing the chances of a security incident going unnoticed.  

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Enhanced Incident Detection

Time and Cost Savings

Improved Threat Insights

Seamless Integration

Confidence in Security Posture

Our platform deploys realistic traps and decoys throughout your network, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure.

When attackers interact with our decoys and lures, our platform captures events and generates alerts that allow you to respond immediately.

By deploying our automated moving target defense platform, customers can expect several key benefits that contribute to a strong ROI

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How works

Our seeds act as traps within your environment. When they get interacted with, we send you alerts with full threat intelligence


Using our library of API-based connectors, you can connect our platform to your systems within minutes, and without the need for infrastructure deployment or network changes

Plant seeds

Our deceptive assets are available as data, accounts or infrastructure and can be planted as a one off action, or by automated schedule, using integrations to the cloud platforms you use every day


Receive alerts

Whenever we detect an interaction with one of our assets, we collect and analyse threat intelligence and send rich notifications directly to your security platform, to kickstart your incident response processes

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All the value, none of the complexity

Deception is an effective technique, but solutions can be complex with high operational overheads

We’ve built a no-code platform that can be deployed in minutes, runs unsupervised, and integrates directly with your existing SaaS platforms and other security tools

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Detect breaches, receive threat intel, take prompt action

The platform provides real-time threat intelligence on the events we see within your environment

Our seeds raise high quality, low false-positive alerts that trigger an enrichment process by us, adding the latest threat intelligence and applying complex rules analysis to provide you with meaningful notifications

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What customers are saying

Learn how we’re helping customers detect more incidents, faster

Data breaches can cause an inestimable damage to companies, therefore detecting incidents and anticipating possible breaches have become very important for us. provides us very efficient mechanisms to support that, reducing significantly our worries and time spent on this ever-growing concern
Breno Glória Boueri


Quickly detecting an active data leak means you are in a much better position to identify the issue and correct it. is a unique solution and one worth investigating!”

Doug Merrett


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What is deception technology

Deception technology enables detection without compromising real data by using decoys or traps to trick cyber criminals into stealing fake data

Changes – Apr 2023

We’ve got honeypots, impact ratings and alert integrations, and we’ve been in San Francisco for B-Sides & RSA

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