Reduce the frequency, duration and impact of security incidents in your most common use cases

In today’s digital landscape, cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. Organizations of all sizes are constantly under threat, and your existing cybersecurity measures may not always be enough to stop a determined attacker. This is where comes in

Our platform compliments your existing cybersecurity strategy, enabling you to stay ahead of sophisticated attackers and minimize the risk of data breaches. The following use cases explore how can help you improve your cybersecurity posture and safeguard your sensitive information from cyber threats.

Web application attacks

Application weaknesses or vulnerabilities allow criminals to gain direct access to sensitive data in your databases

Account Takeover

Account Takeover (ATO) is an attack whereby cybercriminals take ownership of accounts using stolen passwords and usernames

Supply Chain Compromise

You may have checked their security provisions when you signed the contract, but things can change over time and accidents have a habit of happening

Insider Threats

Insider Threats What happens if your 3rd parties are not as adequately secured as you?Deception technology, such as honeytokens and honeypots, can be strategically deployed within an organization to monitor for suspicious activities indicative of insider threats....


PhishingConfuse Phishing Attacks with Deception Technology Now!Deception technology, leveraging ingenious tools such as honeypots and honeytokens, offers a potent defense against the pervasive threat of phishing attacks. By strategically planting decoy credentials and...

Sensitive Data Protection

our most valuable data is equally valuable to many other people. Place our seeds in amongst your sensitive data to detect theft or misuse

By deploying our automated moving target defence platform, customers can expect several valuable benefits’s solution delivers tangible value to customers concerned about return on investment. By enhancing incident detection, saving time and costs, providing actionable threat insights, offering seamless integration, and boosting confidence in security posture, our platform helps customers achieve a strong ROI while strengthening their cybersecurity defences.

Better Incident Detection’s use of deception technology, including honeytokens and honeypots, increases the chances of detecting potential security incidents. By luring attackers towards traps and away from critical assets, our platform provides early warnings, allowing organizations to respond quickly and minimize potential damage.

Time and cost savings

With our platform’s automation and low operating overhead, customers can save valuable time and resources. simplifies the deployment and management of deception assets, reducing the manual effort required. This allows security teams to focus on other critical tasks, improving operational efficiency and optimizing resource allocation.


Improved threat insights

By integrating detection engineering capabilities, provides valuable insights into potential threats. Customers gain a deeper understanding of attack techniques, tactics, and patterns, empowering them to develop stronger defense strategies and make informed decisions on resource allocation for mitigating specific risks.

Seamless integration integrates with existing toolsets commonly used by organizations. This seamless integration ensures that alerts and incident notifications are directly sent to the customers’ preferred security toolsets. This streamlines workflows, reduces complexity, and enables security teams to leverage their existing investments effectively.

Security assurance’s platform enables customers to gain confidence in their security operations by ensuring that no incidents of interest go unnoticed. By proactively detecting potential threats, customers can demonstrate an improved security posture to stakeholders, clients, and regulatory bodies, ultimately enhancing trust and credibility.

Attacker confusion

By deploying our seeds, attackers are lured into a meticulously designed web of false information and misleading paths. This intentional confusion forces attackers to waste time and resources on fake targets, significantly delaying their progress and increasing their chances of exposure, creating more time to detect and respond to threats. 

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