Solution Details

How does the platform work? is a no-code, software-as-a-service platform that brings the benefits of deception technology and threat intelligence to your organisation’s security program with minimal integration requirements and operational burden. automatically plants deception assets that detect incidents early and provide enriched notifications directly to your security team, enabling a swift and effective response


Our deceptive assets (“Seeds”) are planted in different platforms using no-code integrations


We ingest threat intelligence scouring surface, deep and dark web sources for any indicators of exposure from our seeds


We analyse all events using our complex rules engine to identify security incidents relevant to the seeds within our clients



We inform our clients with rich reports so that incident investigations and response plans can start

You can hear this explained by CTO, Matt Holland on the video, or download this PDF overview of how works, what problem we fix, and why that’s important. If you’ve still got questions, please use the chat button below or email us on