Review by Geoff Belknap

The LinkedIn CISO shares his first impressions of the platform

Geoff Belknap has spent a lot of time in security leadership roles at some of the biggest and most cutting edge organisations in the world. He’s been the Chief Information Security Officer at LinkedIn since 2019, and serves as an advisor to Y Combinator and Ballistic Ventures. It’s safe to say that a lot of people (rightly) pay a lot of attention to Geoff’s opinion regarding the cybersecurity market.

Geoff made an offer recently, to spend time reviewing a few select startups and publish his thoughts on LinkedIn under #GEOFFTAKES. We thought this was an offer to good to miss, so we threw our name in the mix. 

His full review is posted here, and we’re happy to say he was very positive! During our conversation, he recognised the problem we are solving as being significant, he liked the approach we are taking and was encouraging of our future roadmap. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Geoff; feedback from industry experts like you is vital and the exposure you’re creating for startups like us is highly valuable.