Insider Threats

What happens if your 3rd parties are not as adequately secured as you?

Deception technology, such as honeytokens and honeypots, can be strategically deployed within an organization to monitor for suspicious activities indicative of insider threats. These deceptive elements act as traps, enticing malicious insiders to interact with them. Once engaged, these decoys provide valuable insights into the insider’s actions and intentions.

To implement deception technology effectively against insider threats, offers a robust and seamless integration process:

  1. Deploy Honeytokens: Place honeytokens—fake credentials, documents, or files—within your network. These assets are designed to be attractive targets for insiders with malicious intent.
  2. Monitor Interactions:’s platform continuously monitors these deceptive assets. Any interaction with a honeytoken triggers an alert, allowing security teams to investigate further.
  3. Analyze Behavior: The platform provides detailed analysis and context around the interaction, helping to identify the insider’s motives and potential targets.
  4. Automate Responses: can automate responses to suspicious activities, such as revoking access or isolating the compromised segment of the network.

Insider threats are an ever-present danger in modern organizations, but with’s deception technology, you can turn the tide in your favor. By deploying strategic deception elements, monitoring interactions, and automating responses, you create a robust defense system that protects your sensitive data from within. Embrace’s deception technology today and secure your organization against insider threats.