Seeds are our deceptive assets

Plant them in sensitive locations, create them to look like desirable assets, detect malicious activity and potential incidents

The platform offers a range of seed formats and content, so that a wide range of use-cases and campaigns can be operated convincingly.

Each seed type provide rich telemetry back to our platform, to allow our threat analysis to run and events to be raised

Applications as seeds

By deploying our applications as seeds (within one of our infrastructure seeds, you can see the nature of your adversary’s interactions, gaining intelligence on their techniques, and disrupting their attack playbooks

Data as seeds

We offer email addresses and URLs that can be downloaded for inclusion alongside your own sensitive data to gain new insights.

We also offer files. These can be blank documents, for you to put your own content into, or our own AI-powered documents, created to look like the sort of documents that bad actors will find enticing, instrumented to let us know when they’ve been opened.  


Credentials as seeds

If someone is trying to log in using a fake account that you planted in a location where nobody should be looking, we think you’d want to know about it. So, we’ve created AWS credentials as seeds. 

Infrastructure as seeds

A collection of deceptive assets that mimic servers, workstations and other network-connected devices. Place our infrastructure seeds amongst your environment and receive threat intelligence and event notifications when we detect traffic.

Introducing the Seedbox

An intruder alarm for your network

Introducing the Seedbox: a physical honeypot device so powerful yet so simple, you just plug it in and watch as your network transforms into a trap for unwary cyber attackers. 

Set up & forget. Get signed up on our platform in minutes and receive all the alerts in your existing tools/comms channels!

The seedbox is a physical version of our infrastructure seeds. It works in the same way, uses the same platform, and offers the same functionality. It also promises the same easy user experience; you can configure the seed using the platform (or our API if you prefer), then simply plug the device into your network.

It will impersonate the device of your choice, and report any attempts to log in, scan or request resources from it.