All the features required for your active deception campaigns 

The platform offers a full suite of deception technology and threat intelligence features aim to bring you all the value and benefits of deception technology and threat intelligence, without the complexity involved in other platforms

Use DEPLOYMENTS to automatically plant SEEDS (our deceptive assets), so that we can inform you of EVENTS, by sharing our INTEL with you. The whole platform is enabled with INTEGRATIONS so you don’t need to leave your existing tools


Seeds are the deceptive assets that our platforms uses as lures or decoys, to detect potential incidents and malicious activity

Threat intelligence

All events are enriched with threat intelligence to speed up triage and improve actionability


Notifications can be configured to be sent to the tools you already use, formatted to contain the data you need

Deployments users can configure a deployment schedule that will plant and retire seeds to their timetable, without needing to return to our platform


Using our library of out of the box integrations, you can plant seeds directly from our platform into the SaaS tools your organisation uses most