We’re a firm believer that there’s strength in numbers, and that by collaborating with partners, everybody wins! So, we actively search out for partnership opportunities that support our strategy, or where we can positively contribute to somebody else’s.

Below are just a few of the partnerships we’ve put in place so far. We’re excited to be working with our partners on this list, and look forward to adding more in the near future (if you think you have such an opportunity, contact us using the chat in the bottom right or email us directly on


An industry leader in Threat Intelligence, with a highly experienced team and a great range of services

Innovative 3rd party risk products and supply chain assurance services across local and central government, healthcare, financial services, retail and not for profit/charity enterprises.

Bringing companies and customers together on the #1 CRM platform

PPC Protect have built the world’s first truly automated click fraud prevention system is a new RegTech, InsurTech start-up transforming the way organisations manage cybersecurity regulatory governance and compliance, using the latest in Cloud, AI and data technologies. provide market-leading cyber insurance from the UK’s best insurers


An additional mention is due to our financial partners, for their investment in our vision. is proudly back by the following organisations, alongside a collection of awesome angel investors