Reduced-price subscriptions for small businesses

Smaller companies need security as much as larger enterprises. So, here’s a deal that makes that easier

Just because you’re not running a multi-national empire with thousands of staff doesn’t mean you’re not a potential victim of cybersecurity attacks. If anything, you could argue that the impact of an attack would be relatively more significant.

We’re a small business too, and we understand how hard it is to balance your risks and obligations against your available budget. So, we’ve put together an offer aimed just at those businesses with less than 50 staff. We want you to benefit from the same level of protection as larger customers on our platform. So, we will remove the minimum order of 10, and extend our maximum discount to your smallest order, making each seed within your subscription cost just £500 per year, for a maximum subscription size of 10 seeds.


We’ll even extend this offer to MSP’s selling to small businesses.

Max staff

Max seeds

per seed


Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll jump on a short call to discuss how best to deploy seeds within your business.