What’s your return on investment with seedata.io?

More than ever, it’s essential to have a clear idea of what your ROI will be, before investing time and money into new tools 

Security teams are always asked to prioritise solution with a clear ROI, even more so in an environment where budgets are constrained by the current economic slowdown. 

We hear you! We’ve been on the other side of the table, with our own Matt Holland (CTO) being in CISO roles for multiple organisations and experiencing the same dynamics.  

That is why we’re providing this document, to help security teams and broader stakeholders fully understand the value of deploying a solution like Seedata.io. 


    • Enhanced incident detection: Industry studies report average dwell time reduction of 90-97% for companies using deception technology. 
    • Time & cost savings: From sign-up to full deployment of multiple seed types and integrations in less than 1 hour. We also have subscriptions that start from just £1,000 per month. 
    • Improved threat insights: We detect event beyond the scope of your traditional techniques and tools. 
    • Seamless Integration: we offer a variety of alerting integrations so you can get alerted directly into your existing tools. 
    • Confidence in security posture: 100% of our features can be triggered in test mode to see how effectively your other tools corroborate our simulations. 

    How do we help you get strong ROI?

    Clear use cases

    We’re upfront about the fact that we’re no silver bullet, and prescribe clear use cases

    As you know, we live in a world where most vendors continue to market their offerings as a solution to all problems. The number of providers promising to “stop all breaches”, “stop all ransomware”, “stop all attackers”, and “eliminate all zero days” makes it hard to trust any marketing promises, including ours. 

    We aren’t the only security tool you should invest in, and likely not the first. We’re candid about where we can help.

    • High-fidelity in-network detection: Security teams often struggle with false positives, making it tough to spot the real threats. We’re here to help detect attackers who’ve slipped past your other defences and to reduce that signal-to-noise ratio, helping reduce current industry average dwell time of 212 days.
    • Gather adversary-generated threat intelligence: One-size-fits-all threat intel feeds just won’t cut it. Get real-time, tailor-made threat intelligence specific to your network and organization. 
    • Data loss visibility outside your perimeter: Attackers aim to cash in on their efforts, which might include reselling data or access to infrastructure. We help close the gap between attack and detection, speeding up incident response activities.

    Read more about our use-cases, here: https://www.seedata.io/use-cases  

    Fully testable platform

    Use our free account and trigger “test” alerts as if they were genuine incidents 

    We go beyond promising that our tool works, but offer you to test it by yourself, as part of a broader trend that sees a move from promise-based security to evidence-based security (read more here). 

    We ensure our customers can easily test our capabilities at time. By simulating an attacker’s actions (e.g., scanning the network, opening a file, or trying credentials), you can trigger our alerts in real-time.   

    We strongly believe this approach demonstrates our commitment to providing testable, transparent, and reliable security solutions that empower our customers to validate their defences effectively.   

    Proven in the field

    Real world instances of detecting malicious activity

    • Detected early reconnaissance activities from malicious actors from countries including North Korea and Russia; intelligence was used to blacklist potential intrusions and threat hunting. 
    • Detected red teams and pentesters moving laterally inside of networks using our internal honeypots. 
    • Detected a case of insider threat, with employees accessing fake documents and trying to use fake credentials after being laid off.

    Over the last 2 years, we’ve helped customers in multiple situations. Although difficult to quantify the exact dollar terms saved in these specific instances (reputation, fines, peace of mind, etc.) we can confidently say ROI has been positive and customers seem to agree, considering the average cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35m, according to IBM (source: here). 

    Low costs

    We keep subscription costs almost as low as the effort required to implement and run our platform

    Everything in life has a cost, and we’re no different, although we try to keep them at a minimum. 

    • Subscriptions starting from £1,000/month
    • Teams can be up and running on our platform within an hour, with no technical dependencies on your infrastructure or network teams
    • Completely unsupervised operations, with alerts going to your existing security consoles

    At seedata.io, we’re making deception technology more accessible than ever, with subscriptions starting at just £1,000 per month. We’re on a mission to spread adoption of this game-changing technology, which we believe is currently underutilized globally. And once you’re signed up, you’ll be up and running in no time. Our customers regularly report that they’re able to go from sign-up to full deployment of multiple seed types and integrations in less than an hour.

    Our platform is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, just like hailing an Uber. With one-click integrations, planting and retiring seeds is fully automated and unsupervised. We’re continuously increasing our catalog of integrations, so you can seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing security tools. And we understand the importance of integrating with your current security investments. That’s why our platform is designed to send alerts and incident notifications directly to your preferred security toolsets, streamlining workflows, reducing complexity, and enabling you to get the most out of your existing investments.

    With seedata.io, you can take your security to the next level, with ease.