Use of the dashboard

Here, you will learn how to rearrange the dashboard tiles to better suit your preferences and working style. We will guide you through the simple process of moving and adjusting tiles on the grid, allowing for a personalised layout that will be saved for all future visits. By following these instructions, you can tailor the dashboard to meet your requirements, ensuring an enhanced and efficient user experience.

Rearrange the dashboard tiles

To rearrange the tiles on your dashboard, first identify the tile you wish to move. As you hover over the tile, a grey circle with three darker grey bars will appear; this is known as the ‘handle’.

By clicking on this handle, the tile will turn blue, indicating that it is ready to be moved. With your mouse button still held down, drag the tile across the dashboard to your desired location. As you move the tile, other tiles will automatically shift around to accommodate it.

Once you have positioned the tile in its new location, simply release the mouse button to drop the tile into place. The dashboard will remember this new arrangement, so the next time you access it, the tiles will appear just as you arranged them.