Manage your organisation profile

This page provides straightforward guides on how to manage your organisation’s profile. Here, you’ll find instructions on how to change your organisation’s name, and step-by-step procedures to upload or remove your organisation’s logo. Consider this page your quick reference for all matters related to managing your organisation’s profile.

Change your organisation name

Located at the bottom left of your screen, you’ll notice your organisation’s profile. Simply click on this profile to prompt a dropdown menu to appear.

Within this menu, there’s an option to adjust your organisation’s name. By clicking on the current name, you’ll be provided with an input field where you can type in a new name. Once you’re satisfied with the updated name, click on the tick symbol or press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard to confirm the changes.

If you’re eager to update your organisation’s logo, begin by selecting your organisation’s profile. You’ll find this situated in the bottom-left corner of your screen, and clicking it will prompt a dropdown menu to appear.

Next, you’ll need to click on your current logo. This action triggers an upload prompt to appear.

At this stage, you have the choice to either click within the space to open a file navigation menu (where you can locate and select your new logo) or conveniently drag and drop your logo into the designated space.

To finalise the change, ensure you click ‘Upload’. This action will commit the new logo to your organisation’s profile.

If you’re considering removing an uploaded organisation logo, begin by selecting your organisation’s profile, which you’ll find located in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Next, hover over the logo. As you do this, you’ll notice a red bin icon appear. Go ahead and click on this icon.

A prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the removal of the logo. By pressing ‘Yes’, you affirm your decision and complete the process. Your organisation’s logo will be removed and the default placeholder will reappear.