3-Plant seeds

With your account configured, you’re now ready to plant some seeds. Our platform offers a selection of seeds, alongside the ability to plant them manually or using integrations.

Create an integration

Integrations offer a direct connection between the seedata.io platform and other SaaS platforms used by your organisation. By configuring an integration, you can plant and retire seeds directly into these platforms without needing to interact with them directly. Integration is done using “OAuth” standards; you authenticate directly to the other platform (we do not receive any password), which then gives us a token to use when we perform activities on your behalf.

As an Org Admin, go to Settings in the menu, and click on Integrations. This page will show a tile for each possible integration. Simply chose the platform you wish to integrate and follow the instructions

Create a deployment

As a User or an Admin, go to Deployments and click the Add New button. Within the new window that appears, you configure an automated deployment that will plant and retire seeds to the destination of your choice, without the need for you to log back in.

After giving your deployment a unique name and a brief description, continue to enter your choices regarding seed type and location (not all seed types can be planted using integrations, and must be downloaded for manual planting). Next, specify if these seeds should expire (only available for seeds planted using integrations), and how many seeds this deployment should provide. These two setting dictate the deployment execution frequency.

Select if you require notifications (an email to the deployment owner to confirm execution steps for the deployment), set the deployment to run on save, then click Save.

Seeds will be created and planted, or made available within the platform for manual download and planting. After intialising and reaching the desired number of seeds, the deployment will settle into into intended run-rate.