Our recent funding has been picked up in several online journals, but this one was particularly interesting to us, naming us as one of the top 10 cybersecurity funding announcements this year, alongside some true giants!

There’s a real buzz about the security industry right now, in response to the increasing importance of a good cybersecurity posture for all organisations. The startup community has a similar energy to it, with many large enterprises recognising that long standing names in certain industries are not necessarily the best place to go for innovative solutions to long standing problems. Join these two themes together, and you get a whole heap of energy and activity in cybersecurity startups!

This article puts us in fine company. Axonius is a particularly impressive product, shining a light on fundamental issues relating to coverage of security controls and asset management (both being the very definition of long-standing, fundamental security concepts). I’m excited to see such a high pedigree of investors involved too, from specialists like NightDragon Security to broader heavyweights like Insight Partners and our own investors, Antler.

Congratulations to all named in the article, investors and startups alike. You (we) are all part of something truly world-changing. Bring on the next round!