What We Do

Seeding your data can dramatically reduce the risk and duration of data-theft incidents

… but it’s a time-consuming and manual process, prone to errors and expensive to maintain and scale. This is where seedata.io can help!

Seedata.io is a cybersecurity deception- technology platform to help businesses identify previously undetected data leakage incidents, significantly reducing incident cost. We seed our customers data with trackable records, and monitor for exposure of these seeds outside of our customers’ systems.

By doing this, we detect if and when our customers security protections have been subverted, and help our customers to reduce incident cost, and receive much needed assurance regarding the effectiveness of their security programmes

Average days to detect a breach



We plant unique, trackable records of data within our clients systems


We ingest threat intelligence scouring surface, deep and dark web sources for any indicators of exposure from our seeds


We analyse all events using our complex rules engine to identify security incidents relevant to the seeds within our clients



We inform our clients with rich reports so that incident investigations and response plans can start

So, what are the benefits of seeding your data?

Detect data leakage

Reveal previously undetected incidents and minimise their impact before it’s too late knowing source and time of the leak


Seedata will provide increased confidence of no leaks having occurred

Detect third-party data misuse

Identify data misuse or resale by your third-parties and enforce your license agreement

Discourage insider threats

Seedata.io will act as an effective deterrent for malicious insiders and partners

Download our one-page overview

Please download our one-page solution overview to help in any discussions you’re having within your company. We’re always happy to join a call and talk through what we do and how. Just contact us using the chat in the bottom right or email us directly on support@seedata.io