Our pricing model is varied by the number of seeds you want every month. Basically, bigger or more dynamic datasets will require more seeding, and we recommend you remove old seeds regularly, so that alerts on any incidents are ‘cleaner’, providing a narrower window of when and where the incident happened.

Future packages will provide more than 10 seeds per month, but less than unlimited. Whilst we’re busy working on these, our Early Adopter package is available for purchase now. We’re offering a 1 month free trial, and we’ll automatically upgrade all Early Adopter customers to our starter package as soon as it’s available, at no extra cost*!

*If you’re a paying customer on our Early Adopter service at the time of go-live for our Starter package, we will simply bump you up to all Starter package benefits, and you will continue to pay your Early Adopter charges. This arrangement will apply for a maximum of 12 months from commencement of your Starter package upgrade. After 12 months, future purchases of the Starter package will be at the standard rate