A big part of seedata.io's premise is that "no news is good news" but we recognise that testing can only prove the existence of conditions, not their absence. It stands to reason that there are two conditions under which we would not being raising alerts to you; either we looked hard and didn't find any, or we didn't look.

We do a couple of things to demonstrate the quality of our 'looking', including providing all customers with full service level reporting, running a continuous layer of testing within our platform, and helping our customers to run tests on our platform so they can see first-hand how quickly we respond and how accurate our findings are.

Please follow instructions below, at any time or frequency you like, so that you get the comfort you need on the quality of our services. If you find any weird results, or wish things were different in some way, please contact support (using the chat feature on this site or emailing us directly at support@seedata.io) and let's discuss.


Testing our detection of email threat intelligence requires you sending an email to one (or more) of your seeded accounts, from a sender that is not on of your whitelisted domains. Typically this will be a personal email account or similar. When you send the email, we receive it and perform our analysis, then send any appropriate alerts. You should expect an alert from us within 15 minutes of sending the test email.

This test will not touch your infrastructure in any way (except for delivery of the alerts), and does not lead to any further activity from our side. When you receive the alert, you should confirm they relate to your test email


Web based threat intelligence is harder to test exhaustively, as it requires access to the forums and marketplaces where cybercriminals exchange stolen data. Seedata.io run a process behind the scenes to continually test our performance in finding threats across these locations, and we publish our performance within our platform.

Due to the permanent nature of the internet, we would advise you against doing web threat intelligence testing with your own seeds. If you need something specific beyond our performance testing, we encourage you to contact support (using the chat feature on this site, or emailing support@seedata.io directly) and discuss your requirements with us