With version 1 of our product recently ‘soft-launched’, we’ve prepared a short video to help guide you through those first few minutes with your new account. Even if you’re not yet registered, please take a look to see how our product looks, and shoot us your feedback / questions using the chat in the bottom right or email us directly on support@seedata.io

Key Tasks:

As highlighted in the video, there a few simple steps required so that seedata.io can start our monitoring and alerting services:

  1. Confirm your organisation details: click on the “Organisation Settings” link in the top right of your screen, and add a company logo, set your whitelist domains, your alert recipient emails and invite your team.
  2. Set up your profile: click on the “Profile” link in the top right of your screen, add your photo and configure multi-factor authentication.
  3. Create new seeds: click on “Seeds” within the top menu, then click “Create Seeds”, select how many seeds you want to create (and if you want your email seeds to be opted in or out for marketing communications for your organisation, then click “Generate”.
  4. Plant your seeds: take the seeds that now appear on your “Seeds” page, and enter them within your systems (your CRM, or other customer contact management system are great places for this)

With these steps completed, the responsibility moves to us; we monitor for any interaction with your seeds, and search for exposure across the web, sending highly qualified alerts to you on any events of interest.