To ensure you are going to stand the best chance of our seeds being part of any data leakage event, and for our seeds to provide you the best telemetry on the date and location of the incident, you should put some careful thought into the appropriate number of seeds for your subscription.

Active subscriptions get a new credit of seeds every month, allowing you to plant new seeds. This should be done alongside the retiring of previously planted seeds, so that each seed has a limited active lifespan within your systems. We monitor for threat events related to all seeds created, forever, but the longer a seed is active within your system, the bigger the window of any incident alert (an incident ‘could’ have originated anytime between the planting and removal dates). The same concept is relevant for locations too; you don’t want a seed in more than one location, otherwise you lose fidelity and accuracy of any alert.

For this reason, we offer subscriptions with different quotas of seed credits per month. The right number for your organization is a variable of the following factors:

  • The total volume of records you store
  • The volume of new records you generate per month
  • The types of seeds you wish to plant
  • The effort you wish to dedicate to operating your seed planting / retiring activities
  • Cost versus risk considerations within your organization

We will be undertaking an academic collaboration shortly, to recommend optimum levels of dilution. Even then, it’s clear that the answer will be more art than science. We’re happy to help with a more detailed conversation about your specific instance. Please contact support (using the chat feature on this site or emailing us directly at and let’s discuss.