How to configure your account

With version 1 of our product recently ‘soft-launched’, we’ve prepared a short video to help guide you through those first few minutes with your new seedata.io account

How Many Seeds Do I Need?

To ensure you are going to stand the best chance of our seeds being part of any data leakage event, and for our seeds to provide you the best telemetry on the date and location of the incident, you should put some careful thought into the appropriate number of seeds for your subscription. For this reason, we offer subscriptions with different quotas of seed credits per month.

How to run tests

We do a couple of things to demonstrate the quality of our ‘looking’, including providing all customers with full service level reporting, running a continuous layer of testing within our platform, and helping our customers to run tests on our platform so they can see first-hand how quickly we respond and how accurate our findings are.

How to respond to an incident alert

You know best how your incident response procedures should be designed, but below are our thoughts on some common principles and actions we would expect to be present in your processes